Gift Ideas for People with Diabetes

Everyone likes getting gifts. And it is same for with someone having diabetes. In some cases, this might be one of the ways to relieve some of the stress and pressure that they may be going through. Also, it is nice and comforting to give a diabetic specific gift to show your support and encouragement for making lifestyle and diet changes to improve their condition.

It is important that just as in normal cases, you should take into consideration what the person likes, what they already have, and what they don’t have but would certainly appreciate if they get it. Though there might be endless possibilities of gifting something to a diabetic friend, family member, colleague or your acquaintance Here are a few ideas for what they might need or appreciate.

  • Glucose Meter and Meter Kits: These are one of the most important gifts you can give to a diabetic as they are essential for keeping track of sugar levels. However, with so many options available in the market that have minute specifications and details—it is advisable to gift these only when you have a complete understanding of the diabetic person’s requirements. These may be the best gift for a spouse or a friend with newly diagnosed diabetes and will show your support in their journey with diabetes.
  • Membership to a Community-fitness center: Nothing can be better than the gift of fitness. Gifting membership for the gym or a series of exercise classes such as yoga, dance, Pilates etc. can be a great choice to help those with diabetes to start moving.
  • Fruit Bouquets: Try replacing flower bouquets with fruit arrangements that look like bouquets whenever you visit someone with diabetes. These not only look attractive but also are a gift of health at the same time.
  • Footwear: Though it may seem awkward at first, diabetics need to take good care of their feet. A good pair of home slippers or warm woollen socks are actually essential to prevent foot injury—and of course— are comfortable too. Socks reduce friction and moisture to reduce the risk of fungus and decrease foot odour, and the possible formation of blisters, corns and calluses.
  • Pedicure Machine or a foot massager: Pedicures are a great way to provide basic care for the feet. They can be a great gift to avoid early signs of corns, bunions and fungal infections in feet along with relieving stress.
  • Diabetes Cookbooks: These actually are very helpful while planning and making delicious, homemade, diabetic-friendly meals for a family member with diabetes. They give great ideas to take boring everyday meals to the next level as well as being healthful.
  • Motion Sensor Light: This baby of technical innovation can be a boon to any person irrespective of whether they have diabetes or not. How many times have you tripped in the dark when you want to use the bathroom or make a trip to the kitchen? This could lead to a foot injury or a broken bone. This motion sensor light can help when proper light is required in the night.
  • Digital Camera: can be a good gifting option for a diabetic to encourage an active outdoor lifestyle. These can be coupled with tracking gear and shoes to make them get on their feet and have some exercise for some fresh air.
  • Diabetes Supply Bag: As we know that diabetes is a lifelong journey and for a smooth trip, every diabetic needs his or her supplies close at hand at all times. But, that doesn’t mean they have to carry them in an unattractive medical bag that makes them look like an on-call doctor. Gift them a cute supply bag has all the right compartments for glucometer, candies, medical reports and— it looks fashionable too.
  • Yoga Kit: Getting healthy and starting a fitness routine is a big part of the lifestyle changes that are required after a diabetes diagnosis. Not everyone wants to and can join a fitness club, go running, or even take walks around the neighbourhood. Gifting a beginner’s yoga kit has everything that a person needs to start getting active in the privacy of their own home.
  • Fitness tracker- Fitbit: A FitBit is ideal for diabetics who want to keep track of his or her physical activity. They can just put it on in the morning and check their data at the end of the day. And if they realize they have to need to work on their daily activeness routine due to their desk-bound life— they know exactly how much they have to do to hit their targets.
  • Pedometer: This is another fitness gadget that records the number of steps walked and displays them along with the number of calories that have burned, distance, walking time and speed per hour. It is very easy to use and the data gets displayed in the smartphone along with recommendations to improve the daily performance.
  • Exercising gear: It is often seen that diabetes and being overweight ­­­—-goes hand in hand. And getting in shape is a big deal when someone is battling diabetes. You can be a great motivator by gifting exercising gear like bicycles, pull-up bars, hand weights, yoga mats, fitness bands for doing stretching etc.
  • Diabetes Awareness Jewelry: This is a recent fashion and health trend that is spreading fast amongst the youth that has been detected with diabetes. It comprises of a medical alert item that indicates that the person wearing them has a medical condition. It comes in the form of stylish bracelets, necklaces, dog tags, and other items available in an assortment of colours. This could literally be a life-saving gift in times of emergency like a hypoglycemic episode.
  • A selection of travel-friendly snacks: They is very important while travelling alone. Every person with diabetes should make sure they have a ready supply of non-perishable, easily-portable snacks such as mixed nuts, dried fruit and some sugar candies. Packing it in a basket or in a small box and gifting it to your loved one —- would definitely bring a smile on their face.
  • Music CD’s or earphones: The gift of music can be given within any budget, and is an awesome tool for exercise and stress management—two activities that are critical for anyone living with diabetes. Try to collect and gift the diabetic individual his or her favourite music CD or an exercise program like Zumba so that they can fight diabetes with joy.
  • Cooking utensils to encourage healthy cooking: Keeping things fun and simple in the kitchen makes healthy cooking much easier. There are several kitchen equipment available in the market nowadays. Some of these popular gadgets that make for great gifting options for convenient food preparation
  • Tea Kits: They are an attractive gift for diabetics who are trying to avoid sugars but love beverages. Green tea is also good for body metabolism and immunity to those trying to lose weight.
  • Travel bookings or vouchers: A gift of travel can be a great way to give a relaxing and de-stressing break to an important person in your life. Train or air tickets and hotel reservations in a special city or resort would be much welcomed and appreciated by the diabetic individual.
  • Resolution Gifts like a goal journal or a diary: can inspire a person with diabetes to keep track of their blood sugar readings, food intake, and exercise. They can also share their feelings in journals, or may even let their inner writer to create artful writings.
  • Spa or Massage Retreat: Dealing with diabetes is often stressful and frustrating. A relaxing and calm day out at a spa or a massage retreat can be the perfect way of showing that you support and care for your loved one. This will help them fight with diabetes re-energized and refreshed.
  • Cosmetics for skin care– Giving chemical-free hand, feet, and body creams to your friend with diabetes will help them deal with dry skin problems, but more than that, it will make your friend feel good.
    • Foot creams are essential for people with diabetes to maintain feet hygiene and to prevent the chances of foot infections.
    • Sunscreen can help prevent dryness, suntan and uncomfortable skin conditions while the person is out exercising in the sun or during an outdoor visit which is especially important for people with diabetes.
  • Offers of the help: If you are on a tight budget, you can gift them your help with their routine chores like going food shopping, washing their car, offering a lift to visit their doctor, or cooking dinner. This gesture would convey your support to them and they will definitely appreciate your help.
  • Jerry the Bear: Jerry the Bear is a toy that is available in the online market which helps kids learn about diabetes basics and care. Kids can play with Jerry, monitor his blood sugar, give him insulin, and much more. Whether they have diabetes themselves or live in a house with a sibling or parent who does, Jerry the Bear is a playful gift that also helps them learn and cope with diabetes.

Though there may be many more options —I hope this guide has helped you discover some amazing gifts for the person with diabetes in your life. Go ahead and gift your loved one and show that you care.

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