Importance of Rainbow Diet in Diabetes

The art of eating fruits and vegetables is inspired by 7-day colour food diet. It uses the principle “savor the spectrum” program which promotes healthy eating by suggesting that people should eat 5 or 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This is will also help diabetic patients to control their diabetics through healthy eating.

Nutritional value of foods based on their colour

1. Red: Red means food that are rich in lycopene such as apples, tomatoes, blood orange, red cherries, berries, etc. They are generally linked to lower the risk from prostate, lungs, and stomach cancer.

2. Green:Green food such as celery, spinach, green apples, kiwi, and many more are known to be a good source of lutein and zeaxanthin which helps in preventing eye disease and stroke in diabetic patients as well as non-diabetics.

3. Blue/purple: Blue and purple food is known to contain anthocyanins which are antioxidants that protect your cells from getting damaged due to imbalanced blood sugar levels. These are food like blueberries, figs, beetroot, black grapes, red cabbage, purple carrots, and many more.

4. White: Food in the white group includes garlic, ginger, onions, mushrooms, pears, yam, coconut, etc. This food contains anthoxanthins which helps patients to control diabetes along with lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

5. Yellow: The last but not the least is the yellow food group. Yellow foods are rich in carotenoids, which maintain the eye health along with preventing the heart disease, improving your immune system, and reduce the risk of cancers for diabetic patients.

Above mentioned is the rainbow diet chart, which, if followed strictly can help the patient to manage blood sugars easily. 

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