Six Lifestyle Changes to Manage Your Diabetes for Life

Step 1 should always be consulting your doctor on a regular basis. Because medications and proper knowledge help you make changes in your lifestyle. We have summed up a few ways which have proven beneficial for people with diabetes. Let us discuss it in details.


  1. Eat Well

Eating healthy is very important especially when you have diabetes as excesses of anything can lead to high blood sugar. Do not overeat, though you might feel hungry like never before, you have to control. Include plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Exclude fatty dairy products and go for non-fat products. Watch the carb intake as it turns into sugar. Try to keep the nutritional value same for every meal you have. Thus a consistent intake will help in managing the blood sugar.

2. Exercise Well

As soon as you are detected with diabetes, you need to start working out. If you aren’t an active person, time is right now. Walk, ride a bike or play your favourite sport that makes you sweat. Avoid indoor games because that will not help at all. Make a goal to work out for at least 30 minutes, more than that will be a bonus. Push yourself a little see the miracle. Your blood sugar levels will be controlled and even the risk to heart attack will decrease gradually with just little efforts.

3. Regular Checkups

Visit your doctor at least 2 3 times a year. Get a complete check-up and know about your cholesterol, blood pressure etc. Diabetes raises the risk of heart disease, thus a check-up will help. Along with the body monitoring, you should also get your eyes checked once a year. Also, check out if all the body muscles are functioning properly.

4. Stress Management

Stress is directly proportional to high blood sugar. So, to control your blood glucose, you need to manage your stress effectively. Finding ways to relieving stress will help enhance your physical condition.

5. No Smoking

Smoking kills and that is true to an extent for even diabetes patients. They are likely to have heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, eye disease, foot problems, nerve damage and more. If the smoking habit is continued, these problems may increase and get worse. Find ways to quit the habit.

6. Limit Alcohol Intake

Controlling blood sugar is easy with limited intake of alcohol. But if you overdo it, blood sugar level may misbehave. A study says women should not have more than one drink a day whereas men should not have more than 2 drinks a day. Alcohol can make your blood sugar go too low or too high.  Eat while you are drinking as it may lower the carb intake from the food you eat. Making positive changes in lifestyles will give a positive result to the patients who are struggling in managing high blood sugar.

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