Top 5 Indian Foods for Diabetes Prevention and Control

Diabetes is a lifestyle condition rather a disease. The good news is, “it is possible to manage it easily”. And if you are finding a way to control your sugar levels, here is an article that you were waiting for. Along with the medications, diet plays an essential role in bringing the sugar levels to the desired ones.  

Adding some superfoods to your regular diet will help you balance this imbalanced lifestyle condition.

5 Foods to Make a Healthy Diabetes Diet

1. Oats: As they are loaded with high fibre, oatmeal is a boon for diabetic patients. It forms a sticky barrier starch molecules present in your meal and the enzymes. Thus, it takes a longer time to convert the carbohydrates into your blood sugar.

2. Seeds: We usually throw away the seeds of watermelon, muskmelon, isn’t it? But you’ll be surprised to know that heaps of nutrients lie inside the seeds. You won’t like eating fruits with the seeds but you can have it in other forms like in the dried form or can grind it to add it to the shake or juice etc. Flaxseeds, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds and muskmelon seeds are low in carbohydrates and provide high fibre, which makes any food perfect for diabetes patients.  

3. Brown Rice: Brown rice is an amazing food for controlling diabetes. It is filled with antioxidants named selenium which maintains thyroid health. It aids in producing superoxide dismutase enzyme and also helps in maintaining the nervous system. Thus, it’s easy to manage blood sugar levels with brown rice consumption.

4. Quinoa: It is high in nutritional values, which body needs and cannot make by its own. It is also high in potassium and makes an ideal food in whatever it is added to and helps to lower the blood sugar levels and also treats high blood pressure condition, which is common in diabetic people.

5. Legumes: This is the superfood that is low in fats and calories, high in fibre and proteins. It reduces the risk of diabetes and controls blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

Include these superfoods to your diet and see the miraculous blood sugar level results within few days.

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