What Increases My Risk of Diabetes?

Know What Can Increase the Risk of Getting Diabetes

In this era, where changing of lifestyles is continuous, getting in a trap of diseases like diabetes is obvious. More than 422 million people out of the world’s total population are unfortunately suffering from this disease. It may cause death in severe condition and the saddest part is the number of deaths is increasing every year.

What Factors Can Increase the Risk of Diabetes?

There are three types of diabetes Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes. Below are risk factors related to each type of diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes Risk Factors

A patient’s body having this type of diabetes is not capable of generating insulin. Such patients are injected with artificial insulin externally every single day.

  1. Family History

Chances of you getting Type 1 diabetes increases if any of your family members already have it. If your mother, father, brother or sister has type 1 diabetes, get checked immediately. Just a simple blood test can let you know.

2.      Diseases of the pancreas

When the pancreas is not healthy enough to make insulin for the entire body, a patient can get affected by this disease.

3.      Illness or Infection

Some infections and illness can damage your pancreas, which results in this lifelong disease.

Type 2 Diabetes Risk Factors

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes from people from every age group. The blood sugar level of the patients is controlled with medications.

1.      Impaired Glucose Tolerance

This condition can be diagnosed with a simple blood test. If the test is positive, there are fair chances of you getting type 2 diabetes.

2.      Obesity or Overweight

This is one of the most common reasons for type 2 diabetes seen nowadays.

3.      Insulin Resistance

When your blood cells are resistant to insulin, you are likely to get type 2 diabetes. Thus, your pancreas has to work harder to make sufficient insulin to meet the body’s need.

4.      Cultural Background

Type 2 diabetes is common among the people belonging to Hispanic/Latino Americans, Africans-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native-Americans, Alaska Natives and Pacific Islanders.

5.      Family History

If any of the family members have the disease, the rest of the family can get these diseases either sooner or later.

6.      Lazy Lifestyle

People, who exercise less than 3 times a week, are at high risk of getting this disease.

7.      Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Women suffering from this syndrome can get this disease easily.

8.      Age

If you have crossed 45 and are overweight, it’s the time to watch out your increasing weight as it will increase the risks of getting this disease.

Gestational Diabetes Risk Factors

This type of diabetes is generally seen in pregnant women. It goes away once the child is delivered but the risk of getting the disease later increases.

  1.   Obesity or overweight

While in pregnancy, the increased weight can create a problem.

2.      Family History

When any family member has the disease, the pregnant lady of the family is likely to get infected.

3.      Glucose Intolerance

If you have gestational diabetes or intolerance to glucose, you can probably get it again.

4.      Age

If women get pregnant in older age, the chances of getting affected are higher.

5.      Culture and Background

Non-white women have a higher chance of getting the disease.

Ways to Control the Risks

  • Exercise
  • Balanced diet
  • Control weight

With just a little care, you can save yourself and your loved ones from this lifelong disease.

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